Mt Lotz, LLC is a business-to-business supply chain distributor. We center on quality of service and true account management. We find it critical in this business atmosphere to work as partners with our customers and clients creating a higher fiduciary experience to maximize profits for each member. After all, we are in this together and quality of each service involved is to the benefit for everyone’s success.

Mt Lotz works diligently to understand our customers individually to improve lines of communication relaying critical information on stock, product availability and timelines to make sure our customers do not run out of our products. This absence of product causes their clientele to look elsewhere and in many cases losing them permanently. You work too hard to gain your customers.

When it comes to ordering, we understand that delivery times and frequency is critical to maximize profitability on the retail side. Large orders broken into slightly more frequent deliveries can overcome longer lead times, rush orders and peak selling times. Further we set up specialty programs where these orders do not increase your costs for our products because we base your ordering on a buying pattern in lieu of a simple order quantity.

Finally we make sure we have a more personal experience in your wholesale purchasing. You are never a number and have a dedicated sales member on a consistent basis. This way you are doing business with friends. It allows us to know consistently what has happened from order to order so you do not end up getting overcharged, have fluctuating pricing or forgotten credits. We are your true partners. When it comes to MT Lotz as your wholesale supplier and distributor you will only get the very best.

Products Available

Herbal Supplements

Mt Lotz herbal supplements are available upon request. We typically have Turmeric, Cayenne Pepper, Piperine and some blends. Please call us for a current list.

It is greatly important to mention that all of our herbal supplements are only derived from the best stock and in most cases flown here from over seas and delivered to you freshly ground immediately off the plant.

We also have a propriety blend called K-Surge that speeds up your metabolism and increase absorption to extend and intensify the effects of the natural herbs we sell or you may have. Order some K-Surge today.


Mt Lotz has some of the finest all natural tea available anywhere. We take great pride in using only the best leaves possible, keeping up with our highest quality standards. Each cup providing a delightful taste sensation. Sit back, relax and enjoy a fresh cup today!

Dietary Suppliments

Mt Lotz dietary supplements are available upon request. We typically have Phenibut but plan on carrying other products in the near future. Please call us for a current list.

Sorry, we have decided NOT to carry CBD oil nor acquire it. It does not reflect what this company wants to project. Further, we are sorry but we cannot provide referrals for CBD either

Manufacturing Supplies and More

We currently stock extensive amounts of bottling supplies, child safety lids, and raw products as shown above. We buy in volume and can save companies extensive amounts of money trying to acquire a stateside supply. Please call us for sizes, colors and availability, you will not be disappointed.

We will always be stocking the following (Sometimes our inventory is low but we can acquire what you need with a reasonable lead time):